Press briefing following COVID-19 situation in Jordan


Published: 2020-09-22 17:31

Last Updated: 2020-09-22 17:53

Press briefing following COVID-19 situation in Jordan
Press briefing following COVID-19 situation in Jordan

Minister of State for Media Affairs, Amjad Adaileh, Minister of Health, Saad Jaber and the spokesman for National Committee for Epidemics, Nathir Obaidat, held a press briefing at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management on Tuesday.

The press briefing talked about the COVID-19 situation in Jordan.

The Council of Ministers decided to amend the financing facilities granted to citizens within the housing program, including reducing the first payment from 15% to 5%, Adaileh said.

In addition, increasing the repayment period to 10 years instead of seven, reducing the amount of interest to 4% in the capital, Amman, and 3.5% in the rest of the Kingdom's governorates.

Jordan has recorded 634 new COVID-19 cases on Tuesday, 627 of which are local cases, bringing the total number of cases since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis to 5,679, Jaber said.

One new COVID-19 death has been reported in Jordan on Tuesday, involving a woman in her eighties, Jaber added.

Jordan has entered the nationwide spread stage of the coronavirus crisis, Obaidat said.

Obaidat added there should be an increase in the capacity of hospitals that treat COVID-19 patients.