Five deaths, 514 new COVID-19 cases in Palestine


Published: 2020-08-07 14:57

Last Updated: 2020-08-07 15:05

Five deaths, 514 new COVID-19 cases in Palestine
Five deaths, 514 new COVID-19 cases in Palestine

A further 514 coronavirus cases and five deaths had been recorded over the past 24 hours in Palestine, announced the Palestinian Health Minister, Mai Al-Kaila, on Friday.

Al-Kailah said the deaths were recorded in Nablus, Hebron and Jerusalem.

Three deaths were announced on Thursday and another two were recorded on Friday, involving a 93-year-old citizen from Yatta in Hebron and a 70-year-old citizen from Al-Eizariya.

A total of 1,126 patients have recovered including 823 in Jerusalem, 193 in Hebrom, 54 in Nablus, three in Qalqilya, 33 in Jericho and al-Aghwar, four in Tulkarem, six in Jenin and 10 in Tubas.

The new coronavirus cases were recorded across nine governorates: 209 in Hebron, 10 in Nablus, seven in Jericho and al-Aghwar, 12 in Bethlehem, six in Qalqilya, one in Jenin, 36 in Ramallah and al-Bireh, nine in Tulkarem and 190 in Jerusalem and 34 in the suburbs of Jerusalem.

Currently, 11 cases are in the Intensive Care Unit and one on a ventilator.

The recovery rate stands at 53.2%, while the active cases rate is 46.3%, and the death rate is 0.5%, Al-Kailah added.